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1 a symptom of reduced quality or strength [syn: impairment]
2 process of changing to an inferior state [syn: decline in quality, declension, worsening]

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  1. The process of growing worse, or the state of having grown worse.

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Deterioration, from Latin deteriorare "to make worse", can refer to any sort of worsening:

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A classic literature example of deterioration is the title character from William Shakespeare's play 'Othello'

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about-face, accommodation, adaptation, adjustment, aggravation, alteration, amelioration, amplification, annoyance, apostasy, atrophy, augmentation, betterment, break, change, change of heart, changeableness, comedown, constructive change, contentiousness, continuity, conversion, crumbling, debasement, decadence, decadency, decay, decaying, declension, declination, decline, decomposition, deepening, defection, deformation, degeneracy, degenerateness, degeneration, degenerative change, degradation, deliberate aggravation, demotion, depravation, depravedness, depreciation, derogation, descent, devaluation, deviation, devolution, difference, discontinuity, disintegration, dislocation, disruption, dissolution, divergence, diversification, diversion, diversity, downfall, downgrade, downtrend, downturn, downward mobility, downward trend, drop, dry rot, dying, ebb, ebbing, effeteness, embittering, embitterment, enhancement, enlargement, exacerbation, exasperation, fading, failing, failure, failure of nerve, fall, falling-off, fitting, flip-flop, gradual change, heightening, impairment, improvement, increase, intensification, involution, irritation, lapse, lessening, loss of tone, magnification, melioration, mitigation, modification, modulation, overthrow, provocation, qualification, radical change, re-creation, realignment, redesign, reform, reformation, regression, remaking, renewal, reshaping, restructuring, retrocession, retrogradation, retrogression, reversal, revival, revivification, revolution, rotting, ruin, sharpening, shift, slippage, slump, souring, spoiling, sudden change, switch, total change, transition, turn, turnabout, upheaval, variation, variety, violent change, wane, waning, worsening
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